Facts and Personal Insight


The Bible


    The links below will take you to the notes I've taken while reading the Bible.  At times it's laced with personal insight and revelation, also vocabulary as defined in the Bible including what peoples' names mean, and lessons to be learned or meditated on to better understand certain teachings, Eastern concepts and beliefs found in the Bible, and ideas I wanted to explore at a later date (when I could find proofs).  Enjoy...


The Old Testament:

 Genesis:       Exodus:    Leviticus:    Numbers:    Deuteronomy:    Joshua:    Judges:    Ruth:    1 Samuel:    2 Samuel:    1 Kings:

2 Kings:    1 Chronicles:    2 Chronicles:    Ezra:    Nehemiah:    Esther:    Job:    Psalms:    Proverbs:    Ecclesiastes:

Song of Solomon:    Isaiah:    Jeremiah:    Lamentations:    Ezekiel:    Daniel:    Hosea:    Joel:    Amos:    Obadiah:    Jonah:

Micah:    Nahum:    Habakkuk:    Zephaniah:    Haggai:    Zechariah:    Malachi:


The New Testament:

 Matthew:    Mark:     Luke:    John:    Acts:    Romans:    1 Corinthians:    2 Corinthians:    Galatians:    Ephesians:

Philippians:    Colossians:    1 Thessalonians:    2 Thessalonians:    1 Timothy:     2 Timothy:    Titus:    Philemon:

Hebrews:    James:    1 Peter:    2 Peter:    1 John:    2 John:    3 John:    Jude:    Revelation:


I encourage everyone to read the Bible.  It's got something that every person on the planet can relate to from making a stupid mistake, to purposefully doing something you know is wrong, but hope will turn out right, to theft, murder, prostitution, multiple wives, royalty, peasants, wars, battles, love stories, avenging wrongs, the divine interacting with humankind, spirit world, physical world, heaven, hell, up down, hot cold, the blind regaining sight without technology, the deaf hearing, the dead coming back to life, lepers healed, insight into God's sense of humor interlacing his punishments,  aliens (otherworldly creatures like angels and giants) mixing with and having offspring with human women, a talking donkey, divine destruction of human societies, divine mercy, divine death as a human and subsequent resurrection.