The Good News:


You always hear the term "The Good News" and probably know it refers to the gospel of Jesus Christ, but you probably don't know what the "Good News" is, let alone what the "Bad News" is.  Well, here it is:

The Good News:  Although by simply being born you were already found guilty of crimes (sin) against the Almighty God, and sentenced to death, both physically, and spiritually (being eternally separated from God, who is light, and life, and love, and joy), and simply continuing to live guarantees you will sin more and more as your life goes on, there is hope of salvation.

God knew we didn't have a chance.  Because we are born of sin, it is beyond our capabilities as humans to live according to God's perfect will for our life.  God only has GOOD things in store for us if we live for Him and by His rules, yet we can't do it.  So, God became flesh (Jesus), and took the penalty of EVERYONE'S sins that ever lived and ever would live, and took them upon Himself, suffered at our hands, rejected by the very people He came to save, and put to a shameful and painful death, though he did nothing wrong.

Jesus died on the cross to pay the death penalty we all rightly deserve.  All we need do to take advantage of this "get out of jail free" opportunity is to ask Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, admit that you can not do it without him, and ask him to come into your heart.  You need to learn what sins you have or commit, and repent of them...stop doing them, at least try. 

Get baptized, join a church, and get to know the story of Jesus by reading the Bible, and start living the wisdom/lessons therein. 

The Holy Bible is a record of God and man interacting with each other in the story of God's chosen people, the Jews, and how the whole world is redeemed through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.  Because Jesus did the will of God, even unto his own death, God granted him immortality and rule over all creation.

All you need to do is want Jesus and go after him.  Ask Jesus into your heart, and ask him to save you, and write your name in the Book of Life, and send you the Holy Spirit.  It's a lifelong process and you don't have much time can die at ANY TIME and then it will be too late!!!

The Good News is the gift of God's love for us:  God's love for us was so great that he sent his only son (Jesus) to die for our sins as a perfect sacrifice in atonement for the sin of mankind.  Jesus was God in the flesh.  His gift to his followers is eternal life and heaven.  His grace and Jesus' blood covers our sins and makes us worthy in God's eyes of everlasting life.  We only need recognize our sin and try to stop, and ask forgiveness when we mess up.

God wants a personal relationship with us all.  Make time for God.  Show Him you are the Bible, pray, talk to Him, listen for Him, meditate on Him and His teachings, tell others about Him, share with Him, and whatever else you would feel is appropriate, but relying on Jesus and His name in all this, and it's guaranteed God will listen and will respond if you have the right heart.