God as man...


(Who is Jesus and Why is HE Important?)

Jesus aka Jeshua (pronounced Yeshua...there's no hard "J" sound in Hebrew or Greek) the messhiach (or messiah or anointed one, same as Christ means anointed in Greek), or Joshua the messhiach, or in Greek "Iesous" which is close to our English "Jesus" aka "Salvation"

Here's more info from the King James preface to the book of Joshua the son of Nun from the Old Testament:

"The title of this book is appropriately named after its central figure, Joshua.  His original name is Hoshea, "Salvation" (Numbers 13:8); but Moses evidently changes it to Yehoshua, "Yahweh is Salvation" (Numbers 13:16).  He is also called Yeshua, a shortened form of Yehoshua.  This is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek name Iesous (Jesus). 


Why is Jesus important?

Ever since Adam and Eve fell from grace and were kicked out of paradise, blood had to spill to make up for man's sin so that God could redeem us and hear our prayers, which is represented by all the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament.  Blood had to spill, and if you wanted to live, then you had to kill an animal to spill blood to make up for your sin.  Your blood or the animals'.  But God promised to send a perfect sacrifice...that of an innocent man, fully human, to atone once and for all the totality of the sins of mankind forever.

Why did blood have to spill?  It is because God gave us the 10 commandments, which is a moral code of conduct God lives by, and by which all may attain eternal life by living them.  The problem is we are sinful creatures by nature because of the sin brought into the world by the first people, who we call Adam and Eve.  Everyone born human is born with this sinful nature, and it is this nature that is at enmity with God and the commandments.  Therefore, rather than bringing us life, the commandments condemn us to death because they cannot bring about a change in us that would lead to salvation.

The Old Testament prophetic books describe God searching out all souls to see if any were fit to be the anointed redeemer, and NOBODY qualified.  God had to take on the role himself to redeem mankind back to him, meaning he would have to take human form, and suffer and die at man's hands to redeem them back to himself.  But how to take on human form without the inherent sinful nature?

Easy for God.  He took Mary, a teenage girl pure of heart and mind (and if you read the Cayce material you'll dig up info that implies Mary was born from a virgin herself), and his Spirit alone made her pregnant (supposedly with Joseph's seed to fulfill the prophecy that the messiah would come from the seed of David...I believe Joseph was the descendant of David) without sex, much like how only recently we humans learned to do this in vitro thing or "test tube" babies.  The impregnation takes place in the tube, and once the egg is fertilized, it's injected into the sex involved.  God did this in the spirit world to affect the physical world, aka Mary's womb.

Why no sex involvement?  Because people, even married ones, have sex for pleasure, not for creating a new person.  Not that sex is wrong, but with our inherent sinful nature, it can't be holy like it was intended.  If you have a Catholic bible (New American Standard), look in the book of Wisdom 3:13, to see how even in marriage it is called a "transgression of the marriage bed" to have sex or have kids.  So, God had to do it this way.  Jesus was the result of this virgin Mary impregnated by God with Joseph's seed in a holy manner...thus Jesus (the body God would take on for himself) was born of a virgin, and therefore Jesus was born without original sin, and was able to live a life without sin (God cannot is not in Him to sin EVER) to serve as the perfect sacrifice to atone for the sin of all mankind from that day forevermore.

Why would Jesus' sinless death serve as a perfect sacrifice?  Because Jesus was killed as if he were a sinner, but he was guilty of no sin.  Even the Roman leader said Jesus did NOTHING deserving of death.  The Bible tells us "after death comes judgment".  Everyone of us is going to die, and when we do, we face judgment by God...face to face.  Before Jesus, you were judged on the 10 commandments, and if you died in sin (if you hadn't killed that animal and spilled blood for your sins) and broke even one of the commandments, you were put in Sheol or Hell, or the abode of the dead, which is described as very hot and void of even water.  The other option is heaven, if you lived a life worthy of it and did not die in sin.  When Jesus died, was killed really, and God judged Jesus' life, God overturned the death sentence because Jesus had NO sin EVER, and gave Jesus physical life again.  And since Jesus willingly gave his life for sinners, all sinners who believe in him have their salvation through him as granted by God.  God granted this because of Jesus' sacrifice, and not only that, but in so doing, God granted Jesus (God as a physical person) eternal life.

By accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you become adopted sons and daughters of God and heirs of eternal life...not because of anything you did good.  Even Jesus said "Only one is good and that is God."  This means that you got Jesus as a gift, not as a one is deserving of an award, but we all need the gift that is Jesus.  Jesus intercedes for us, he guards us as a shepherd guards his sheep, and we are precious to him because we believe in him and turn away from evil.

Jesus is the bridge to the Almighty and ever living God, and he is our ONLY hope of salvation.  Where the commandments brought only  condemnation, Jesus brings us the hope of eternal life and salvation.  At the final judgment of the world, only those people whose names are written in the Book of Life will enter heaven and have eternal life with God.  Everyone else will be put into the Lake of Fire to burn and be tortured forever.  You NEED Jesus to get your name in the Book of Life.  So get him now.  Don't wait for reincarnations to get it right...get it right now with God through Jesus.