Summary of My Visions and Dreams

    These are a summary of the visions and/or dreams I've had that I believe had a supernatural quality to it, unlike normal dreams.  These visions/dreams I believe are either God the Father or Jesus (God the Son) showing me these visions or walking with me in most of the dreams. (Click the link to read the entire vision or dream)

1) Apocalyptic dream? (from childhood)

2) Jesus Dream from 4/29/05

3)  Visitation from Jesus or and Angel

4)  HMS Closed, my job becomes dust

5)  Grand Theft Auto-type World

6)  My creation and heaven's nature scene or did I die in my sleep?

7)  A Pastor I know gets a certificate (okaying marriage to his girlfriend, though he is divorced) from God in the mail and later becomes 2 lesbian friends I know

8)  A spirit chasing and tormenting my friends

9)  Jesus putting books on a shelf in a room, telling me he doesn't have to "take" me or accept me into heaven, but I don't know if he's serious or just teasing me.

10)  Demons haunt me and the black abyss opens in front of me...a large hand the size of my back pushes me to it as I try to back up in terror

11)  My hair is washed (as in the sacrament of feet washing, but with my hair), and later I see a spirit leading me to a coworker I know.

12)  Devil at the top level of a skyscraper...each level or floor was occupied by a particular group of people.



1)  (from childhood, a vivid dream I remember from my youth, with that strange quality about it that made it seem different from a dream):  I was standing on my driveway (parent's house), near the garage and back door, and looked up and saw that the sky was dark, and there was a large reddish meteor or rock in the sky...larger than the moon ever is, and not seemingly spherical in shape, but rather bulky like an asteroid or meteor would be.  My impression from that day's dream, since the day I had it, was that it was a glimpse of the end of the world and how it would go, partly or completely due to the meteor.  The size of it in the sky made me think it was on a collision course for Earth.  I never thought much about it because that's all there was to the dream/vision.  The rock in the sky didn't move, but it was huge and took up a disproportionate amount of sky.


2)  Jesus dream/vision from 4/29/05 in which I was on a beach, looking out at the sea.  There was a pier going out to sea, and beside and under the pier were a lot of people dressed in black, as if for a funeral, including a black lace covering over their heads.  They were arranged in a square or rectangular shape in the water, all symmetrical.  There might have been 20 or 200 people dressed in black in the water.  Looking over at the beach, I see 3 crucifixion areas.  The scene becomes that of a book, and I'm now looking at the picture/drawing (in color) in the book and there are more pictures showing how the "crosses" for crucifixion are connected.  There's a pole in the earth and there's a hole in the pole from where Roman soldiers would drive a wooden spike through the victim's feet into the pole.  I see the large wooden spike that is shaved to a point on one side.  Then I see 2 "crosses" standing on the beach, and one that is not, and there is a person on the cross that is down on the ground.

    Now I am on the beach again, and no longer looking at the book with the pictures.  I see the 2 crosses up, and the one on the ground, Jesus on the one on the ground, and a Roman centurion trying to get my attention and showing me what to do, namely hammer a spike into the person on the cross.  I didn't want to do that.  The centurion motioned again, and showed me from a distance using a shoe as the hammer to drive an invisible spike into an invisible victim. 

    I approach Jesus, whose feet seemed roped to the bottom of the cross, but whose arms and hands were free.  His skin is white and cartoonish in quality, and his hair was like a long afro wrapped around his head like a turban, but there was no crown of thorns on his head, unless they blended with his hair color.  I put my arms around his neck and whisper conspiratorially to his ear, "Forgive me Lord, he wants me to do something bad to you."  I look at him, and behind him and see the centurion still motioning with the shoe/sandal.  I notice Jesus' back is bandaged from the flogging he had received and seemed to be healing.  I asked him how his back was feeling, and he responded with, "Normal." 

    I am concerned with how much it would hurt Jesus if I were forced to hammer a nail through him.  Still with my arms around his neck, I look him in the face, and tell him I might have a sharp nail in the garage (thinking it would hurt Jesus less)...I said something like, "I think I have a nail in the garage so you can do what you need to do."  Jesus responded with "Need to do?"  I responded with, "Plan to do??" (totally afraid that his response meant something bad for me, but he said it quite nicely, almost playfully, as if speaking with a child).  I felt like a child.  I was afraid.  I said, "Let me see what he'll (the centurion) let me do."


3)  Visitation by either Jesus or an angel (fitting the description of God in the book of Daniel, Chapter 10, and other prophetic books, including the Book of Revelation) in a dream.  I heard a rushing wind and the sound of what seemed like thousands of flapping bird wings.  I saw a sphere descending from above down near me.  I see light and dark swirling all around the sphere, as well as what seemed like smoke or clouds.  There were other things in the swirling spherical storm around him, but the top half became still and revealed the upper half (from the waist up) of God or the angel.  I saw his face, and he had somewhat long hair (almost to the shoulders) and was gray-white, but mostly white, as was his beard or goatee (which was rather long as well...down to his chest almost).  He wore a white garment without sleeves with some sort of belt-like strap around his waist.  His skin on his arms was golden-brass.  The swirling stuff revealed his foot, which wore a sandal.  His foot was the same golden-brass color, and his appearance was so perfect it had an almost cartoonish quality about it. 

    I see his face again and this time focus on his eyes, which are flames of fire.  I am entranced by the eyes and suddenly they are moving toward me or me toward the eyes of fire, and as they get closer, they get bigger, until it is as if I am standing on where the pupil of his eye would be, if he had pupils, looking into his head, which is occupied by nothing but a white void, possibly in the shape of his head, and the fire columns in the center of it.  The fire columns are composed of at least 7 to 9 (or more) columns of fire, licking around each other.  Each column of fire is wide enough to engulf a person were one standing in the column of fire, and the fire tall enough to engulf the tallest person...easily 12 feet high.   However, space and distance were impossible to judge in this space, and therefore the fires could have been much much wider and much much hundreds or thousands of feet or miles.  The columns of fire licked around each other and seemed to be slowly approaching me, but I felt no heat and I was not afraid.  I was awestruck and dumb (silent) and had no inclination to move. 

    Slowly the perspective reversed itself and I was again standing some distance away from God or the angel.  I see him holding a scepter in his right hand.  I see a young cow (though rather large) standing to the left of God or the angel.  The calf had the most innocent and tear-jerking eyes, and his appearance was white and seemed to have that cartoonish quality to its look...I believe that cartoonish quality is just what pure spirit looks like.  I see God or the angel motion up and down in a beating motion with the scepter, looking at the calf as he did so, implying he wanted me to hit or kill the calf.  Suddenly the scepter was in my right hand, and I was standing near the calf.  I looked at God or the angel to my right, and he nodded his head and made the up and down motion with his arm again.  I began hitting the calf on the head with the scepter, as lightly as I thought I could possibly get away with without injuring him. 

    I began crying because I didn't want to hurt the calf, and felt like I was being made to do it.  I was balling, and then as if possessed by God or the angel, both of my arms held the scepter and was hitting the calf on the head faster than I could move of my own accord, and harder than I wanted to hit it, much harder.  When my automatic arms stopped hitting the calf, the calf was still alive and didn't have a scratch or bruise on him.  It was unscathed and was oblivious, it seems, that anything happened.  I felt I must have disappointed God or the angel for not succeeding in killing the calf.  The scepter was back in God or the angel's hand, the swirling light and dark smoke and clouds again covered God or the angel, moving up from the waist to cover the head and upper body, and down from the waist to cover the legs and feet.  Then both the sphere of swirling light and dark (God or the angel) and the calf rose up and away and disappeared.


4) Last May (2005) I had a vision in which I was brought down to the second level of the building I work at, but in reality there is no second level to the building, unless you count the roof, but in the vision there is a low-walled cement walking path around the second level of the building's outside.  I know it's where I work.  I see an armed guard walking the perimeter of the building down below.  I am in front of a door that leads into the building, but it is chained and locked.  I quietly  break the glass door (there is no such door in the real building, nor would I break in) to get into the building.  I know something is wrong with the situation, and I want to know what.  

    My hand opens a box or something that contains something to do with my job.  What I pull out is a handful of papers so old they crumble in my hands to a million pieces.  I raise my eyes from the dust falling out of my hand and look into the building and notice everything is cobwebby and seems to have been long abandoned.  Everything in front of me and down below to the level where the armed guard is walking is dark and colorless and dreary almost.  

    I stand up and back and look to my left at the black void of the sky to see about 12 or more planets of varying sizes all lined up and beautifully colored in the night sky...but there were no stars in the sky and no clouds or moon...just these large, colorful planets of varying sizes and color intensities.  They are much larger than the Earth's moon would appear in our sky, and they were perfectly lined up....but they were a distance away.  I felt that was a good sign and the vision ended.


5)  I'm on a busy street and see a drive through fast food place or something drive through in a shopping plaza.  I see a car in the drive-thru lane, and another truck or vehicle comes by and shoots at car or hits it as it drives down the street.  The car was wrecked or the people shot (I don't really remember, all I remember is they were now dead).  Traffic kept moving as normal, and I thought how odd it was that nobody stopped to help and there were no sirens to indicate help was on the way.  I heard gunfire here and there.  Another car came by and drove around the wrecked car or dead people around the car...maybe they stopped and looked for valuables like cash, but they basically ignored the people or car or situation, not that anyone was moving from the wreck. 

    I hear a soft voice that was almost imperceptible to me when I heard it's gentle speech saying, "I created this for them."  That was all he said, and I felt as if some old but healthy and quite alive man was walking next to me.  I see a bunch of people pass from my right to my left and almost "offstage" of the place we were.  My first thought was this place was like that game in which you shoot and kill everything you want (Grand Theft Auto?).  

    Four of the "people" seemed to be alien in appearance, as if from another world, but humanoid in the sense they stood on 2 legs and had 2 arms and a head.  All 4 were "studying" what just happened with the car wreck situation and the people involved and how it affected everything else in the world.  I see one of the 4 holding up some device that scans God-knows-what.  That one was somewhat orange in color and had what looked like tentacles for a chin...long ones that went down to the chest.  He moved here and there holding up the device and making notes.  There was another alien with him, and 2 others elsewhere, but one might have looked like a man or woman, or maybe it was a man and woman part of the team, or maybe the man and woman were the victims in the accident or attack. 


6)  The vision of what I believe was my spirit creation, before my physical creation, or did I die in my sleep?  I become conscious in a black void.  Immediately I feel like my entire being inside and out was being filled instantly with hot molten metal, and briefly I wonder if I died in my sleep and woke up in hell.  The heat is so hot it feels ice cold from the center of my being and radiating outward to my physical extremities.  I can't scream, breathe or anything, but before total paralysis from the situation, my head hangs back in agony.  Then the heat and pressure lessened.  I began to feel cold.  I was in a white void, there was no sound and just perfect stillness.  Then I feel like I'm moving at a great speed and as the white void gives way to color and shape, there was music like the sound of a symphony of harps playing something fitting, and I laugh and my spirit sings (not voice) my approval and joy and I hear many other voices of laughter and glee as we all (I don't see them) come floating quickly down to a grassy, hilly meadow with trees here and there, and patches of flowers of every color all over the fields and a path to and around the flowers and trees.  

    I am now seated at the base of a tree as if squatting down with my arms around my knees, and loving the rich hue of the colors and how bright and vibrant they were (I can only liken it to a very similar depiction made in that Robin Williams movie "What Dreams May Come"...the scene in heaven on the hills...everything there looked like an oil painting...that's not what I saw, but how the colors bled as if colored outside the lines was the same).  I was wearing a white garment that covered my arms and legs, which narrowed at the waist.  I don't know if it was one piece or two, and I don't recall if the lower half was like a robe (no legs) or like a pair of pants (with legs).  The garment was white...maybe a little beige, and I felt that it was made of a durable linen or hemp fiber.  It was uncomfortable at first, but quickly became comfortable.

    There was a perfect stillness and quietness to the place, as if I were the only one there and there were no other sounds, except the occasional breeze through the trees.  I see beautiful butterflies flutter here and there in the field.  I am at perfect peace and happiness.  The exhilarating feeling in my stomach from the descent to the earth was beyond measure in how perfectly wonderful it felt...I can only liken it to the very best you feel on the drug ecstasy or a magic mushrooms when you can do nothing but laugh from how good you feel, raised to the 1,000th power exponentially, but feeling it from the gut.  It was a wonderful bliss.  The scenery and location were heaven to me.  I didn't notice a light source (no sun in the sky, but everything not ground was a bright light. 

    I could've stayed there forever if I had my choice, but then came a call to return, which grew more insistent the longer I ignored it.  Then it was as if a thousand voices were calling my name (were they calling, Eric?  I don't know).  But I was being called, and I wanted to stay..."I just got here!" and  I didn't want to leave.  Then, I stood, took a look at the scenery, then at the sky where the voices were calling, and then I knew I waited too long and I was in trouble.  The voices stopped.  I heard an almost imperceptible voice that sounded stern and possibly angry with me that said, "Stay where you are."  My heart skipped a beat.  My first thought was that I blew my chance at heaven and was about to be killed for my rebellious desire to stay and ignore the call back to wherever.  And I knew it was God that was going to do it.  I was afraid and shook to the very depths of my soul.

    Next I heard rushing wind mixed with the sound of thousands of flapping wings, it got louder and louder until it sounded as if it landed just behind me.  My heart almost stopped and I was again seated with my arms around my knees...I wanted my last view to be that of the beautiful nature in front of me.  God "landed" or became present behind me.  I heard him ask in that gentle, almost imperceptible voice, "What happened?"  All I could do was motion with my arms from my gut (where I felt the pleasure) to the nature before me...I had no words...I was dumb or mute around the Creator.  Then he said, "Do you know why I'm here?"  I nodded as I stared at the flowers and enjoyed the stillness and quietness of the place.  I wanted to say, "You're here to kill me" but I didn't have the words, and I felt that if I had managed to say those words, it would have come out with misplaced frustration and anger in the voice.  He must have sensed why I stayed behind or understood my motioning, and he tried to comfort me and said, "You wouldn't be happy here." 

    I don't know if that meant I wouldn't be happy in that place forever or that I wouldn't be happy in heaven because it's about being selfless not selfish.  Either way I thought I would be dead or in hell, or maybe that's what everyone thought hell was up there...being dead or dying.  There's a verse in the bible that sticks out to me when I think about this vision that indicates that everyone on earth was once a spirit in heaven until they sinned and were put on earth for the sole purpose of dying so everyone in heaven can watch as a sinner gets his punishment: death.  I think, "But what a great life we live (most of us) before the death actually happens!"  That was the end of that vision of heaven.


7)   I dreamed that a pastor of a strict church I know received a letter in the mail from God which gave him the proof he needed that he could marry his girlfriend...he had been married before and therefore claims it is unlawful to marry again unless he becomes a widower.  In the dream/vision he received permission in the mail.  Then I followed him out and around the back of a house or similar small building (no more than 2 stories tall).  As he walked back there, he became 2 of my friends who are lesbians.  He simply split down the middle from head to toe and became 2 separate people that I know and am close friends with.


8)  I was watching something moving in the distance, and then I saw something behind that following close after.  I see the front blur come into view... and it is my two lesbian friends.  They don't see or notice me, though they pass in front of me, but they are running from something.  I know that other blur will come into view, and I am afraid and want to hide.  I hear that almost imperceptible voice as I wait for the thing that is chasing my friends to approach, and I fear I will not have the courage to get involved and stop the thing so my friends can get away.  I hear the voice gently say, "Tell him to repent." 

    I see the dust clear as the thing chasing my friends approaches, and there is an gentleman running with a crazed look in his eyes, as if tormenting my friends gave him some sadistic joy, and it possessed him.  With that instruction from whom I believe to be God, I have the courage and when he nears, I reach out my arm in a stopping motion and say, "Repent! And be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!" 

    The man stops in front of me immediately and sort of draws back, as if I stung him.  He replied, "I don't want to."  I asked him why, and am able to see a lot of details about him.  I see he is older, maybe in his late 40's or early 50's, black hair slicked back as if with grease, a long mustache (not handlebar) that looks like what a cartoon train villains would sport in old cartoons or more closely like a cartoon character from the Family Guy...Mr. Weed, Peter Griffin's boss.  He wore a black tuxedo-like suit with vertical strips from the 1930's or 1940's, black polished shoes, was of slender build, but somewhat tall...maybe 6'1"-6'5", and his complexion was like that of a dead was pale and gray, as were his hands.  Also, I looked him in the eyes and when he was about to respond, I saw what looked much like the alien oil from the X-Files cover his was pure darkness that moved around the whites of his eyes and at one point completely covered each eye completely in darkness, then the darkness in his eyes moved as if flowing to behind his eyes.  If eyes are the window of the soul, this spirit's soul had no light in it.

    After I asked him why he didn't want to repent, he answered with a shrug as he wrung his hands, "The 10 commandments."  I  didn't know what to say, but I wanted to explain to him that the 10 commandments were meant to show us how to love each other, but I didn't get the words out, and whatever I said may have come out confused or maybe sounded like gibberish.  The man (I believe it was a spirit from the early 20th century that gave into this behavior and now it consumes his soul) was very uneasy standing there talking to me, and I felt like I could help him see that, but the words didn't come and I was nervous and unsure how to proceed. 


9)  I'm in my room or some room, and Jesus is in front of me, with his back to me, and he's putting books up on a shelf.  He turns his head over his left shoulder to speak to me and says something like, "I don't have to take you, you know" or "I don't have to accept you, you know."  Something to the effect that he didn't need to accept me (into heaven was my guess).  A shot of fear ran through my spine at the recognition of his implication.  I had no words, I just stared at him.  He continued to put books up.  I don't know if he was teasing me or what.


10)  Preface: The following vision I believe was my last one, or maybe #9 was the last one, but this dark vision came after I had befriended a talented/gifted "healer" or "psychic healer":

    It is night or dark, and I see a temple-like building ahead of me, and approach and am suddenly inside.  I see the person I know and he is showing or telling me something.   Inside, everything seems to be under construction and somewhat dark, lacking light, and the ceiling is many stories high, like a large cathedral.  I look up and see a short person on the 3rd floor balcony and he sees me.  The person I know says something to him, and he looks down, says something back, and then jumps down, doing 3 flips and landing on his feet not far from me. 

    He (the short one) continues talking, but I am unsure if he is talking to the person I know or to me,  and I see he looks almost gargoyle-like in appearance and he is short (3.5 to 5 feet tall).  His approach seems almost menacing to me, and I get scared and begin to back up, looking to my right for the person I know.  I don't see him, but out of a dark corner, I see 2 pins of purplish light that seem to be eyes (but not shaped like eyes), and a dark black shadow of a figure walking out of the dark corner.  Then I worry that the dark shadow with the purplish lights for eyes and the short gargoyle-like man mean to corner me and possibly do me harm, so I look for an escape (since I didn't walk in, I didn't know how to get out).  As I found an exit, they are both still approaching slowly but steadily, and I think I saw other dark figures come out of dark places, but they were a distance away. 

    Now I am outside the temple-like building, and a distance away, and the figures have not come out yet, or were just coming out.  I look at the ground in front of me, to the left of the temple-like building, and see a black crack/crevasse open up in front of me.  It was large, 20-30 yards long.  Out of the pitch-blackness I saw black shadow figures of varying shapes and sizes coming out like ants out of an anthill, but they were all dark creatures, and my heart began to pound as the figures approached near me.  I again back up, about to run, when I feel a large hand the size of my back stop me from behind and nudge me forward gently.  My heart was racing at this point, and as one female black shadow figure approaches me, she says to the being or force behind me, "Give him to us." in a sinister way.  My heart almost stopped as the terror filled my entire soul and being. 

    I woke up with my heart pounding and in a cold sweat.  It was more than a nightmare.


11)  I'm walking around some city, and enter a building on a corner and through the lobby I see it is a church or a temple of some sort.  I see 2 women in the back that are doing some sort of work.  One (a person I know in a real church and her name is Connie) takes me to a chair and I lay back in it, like at a salon when you get your hair washed.  I lay my head back and my hair soaks in a sink of water, but this is holy water and it's not really a sink.  I feel the cold water soak into my hair to my scalp and my entire hairline is evenly soaked.  Connie was dressed in white clothes, like an office shirt with long-sleeves and wearing a long dress, and a nun's covering (white? or black?) over her head.  Once done, I get up and exit through a an exit in the back or to the right of where I soaked my hair. 

    I proceed through a back passage into an apartment or condominium building after seeing a guy I work with and a girl I don't know entering there.  As I approach the building, and as I try to catch up to them in the halls, they are just far enough to turn the corner when I see them, and I see a person that must be a dead or disembodied spirit near them.  Each time they turn the corner, I see this person, a woman, dressed in a black lacey outfit, like the older generations would wear to a funeral or in mourning or grief periods.  I could not see her face, but I knew it was a woman, and she was quite energetically jittering or moving erratically, pointing in a rapid-fire motion at the black male coworker of mine. 

    I finally reach the door they went into, on the 3rd or 4th floor of this building, and knock and they let me in.  They say I can stay, but I am paranoid for some reason, and don't feel safe.  I look out the curtains, which had been purposely closed by them, and see a car pulling into the parking lot below.  I know at that point it is the husband of the woman my coworker is there with.  I warn him to leave, and they go a different way or just go to a back room ignoring me.  I head out and pass that black-funeral-dressed-and-black-lace-hooded female spirit that again is pointing at where my coworker was, as if trying to get me to warn him, or maybe she wanted to kill him.  All I know is that she was dead and is now a spirit dressed in black funeral or mourning/grieving clothes. 

    The male coworker I know is quite the ladies man, so I fear this vision was a warning I needed to give him, and I told him about it the next day.  Not long after that, he told me about an incident in which he went to a lover's home, and her fiancÚ had not yet left for work, when he got there.  He ended up leaving before anything happened, and I don't know if that happened before I told him of my vision or after.



12)  The following was a lucid dream I had..."lucid" meaning I was fully aware of the fact during the dream that I was in fact dreaming, and had full control of my thought process and my body (to the point of bodily flight) in the dream:

    I am on the ground in front of a couple of skyscraper buildings, and head for the lobby building (which was only about 2 or 3 stories high) that was situated between the two.  The lobby building was made of glass, but the skyscraper to the left was very tall and concrete with glass windows.  I see a lot of people heading into the building and going to the help/info/registration desk in the glass lobby building.  Before I make it to the help desk in the glass lobby building, I ask someone what everyone is lining up for and where they are going.  They tell me they are registering for the afterlife.  I must have asked where God was and was either told he was on the top level of the skyscraper to the left, or I must have assumed so because God deserves the penthouse level of a building.

    I know I am dreaming for some reason and decide to fly by swimming through the air.  I am filled with joy to be able to fly again.  I head for the skyscraper to the left and find the was a rather large and wide one that went all the way to the top of the building...large enough that there was a gap from the ground level to the very top level of the building large enough for my to fly straight up or straight down.  I begin flying up just a few feet above the stairs, winding up and around and looking at each floor as I did because it was visible from the large, winding stairway.

    I saw that each level had a particular group of people, and they all resided or worked (it seemed like each level was an office of some sort, crammed with people that looked similar or held similar beliefs.  The bottom levels had religious types that were either cult-like or Christian, but a small sect or a private type sect that keeps to themselves.  After seeing them, I assumed I was in the right building and I would meet up with God at the top of the building.   As I flew past the higher levels, I noticed segregated peoples of all sorts...white supremacists were in that corner of the floor level or side of the floor level, while another complementary group (or group with similar values) was on the other side or in other corners of the floor level.  As I rose higher, I became more concerned that groups I would normally fear or not expect to see in heaven were there, and where they were was their eternal lot, and for all I knew they were stuck in that spot or on that floor or within a certain range of floors, but it was their heaven, I thought. 

    Finally I make it to the top floor, and ask someone there where the President of the building was or where God was, and I was pointed to a particular direction and proceeded to walk there.  As I approach a desk with a well dressed man, I notice his face is pleasant enough, but seems to have a sinister quality about it.  I ask him where God is and he startles me as he quickly stands up from his chair and desk, looks me in the eye and tells me there's no one there but him, and he moves around the desk and heads for me.  I realize that the whole building was not levels of heaven, but levels of hell, and the person heading for me was Satan himself at a quick pace.  I back up quickly, and turn my head just enough to find the railing of the stairway down to the bottom.  I run and jump backward into a flight over the railing with my back to the ground so I can watch to see if the devil is following me, as I plummet down the gap in the stairway to the ground.  I let myself fall, pulled by gravity and going that speed, because I didn't know if the devil would jump down and follow me in flight.

    When I felt sure he was not going to follow me and that I had enough of a lead to escape (after falling about 2/3rds of the way down to the ground...maybe 70 floor levels down), I allowed my body to catch the air to slow my descent to the ground, and flew to where the stairs were to hide my body with the stairs above as I flew down to the bottom floor, in case the devil looked down.  When I made it to the bottom floor, I ran to the glass lobby building and got in line for the info/registration desk.  I recall making brief idle chit chat with someone ahead of me in line.   Once it was my turn, I asked what forms to fill out to go to heaven, and the person asks other questions, but I don't recall what they were about if they were not about which heaven to go to and what to do and who to see or what level I wanted to be in.  I ask where God is and if anyone is allowed to meet with Him.  The person tells me God's "on the first floor of course", and the way to heaven is through the back doors of the glass lobby building.  I begin walking that way.