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Video Clips Library

From "Clerks 2":

Jay fights relapse dancing-Got Christ shirt        

Fast food cooks discuss whether the Transformers are a slight against God

Jay talks Jesus with his dope customers       


From "Family Guy":

Collection of most of the Jesus/God clips in Family Guy cartoon series

Guest Priest opens church       

Peter confuses Jesus with the Hulk       

Jesus gets credit for Vishnu's work


From "South Park":

Kenny dies and goes to heaven?


From "The Simpsons":

Catholic vs Protestant Heaven


From "Little Nicky"

Window from Heaven to Hell


From "Fight Club":

Chemical Burn



Jesus Is My Red Pill explained via The Matrix montage       

Henry Rollins Band video: "Liar" (I call this Satan 101, but the narrator of the song applies to any malicious person.  Yay! Rollins Band!)

TV show Scrubs-Hallelujah clip: (why the doctor's sister doesn't get along with him...she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior.  Meanwhile, a surgeon passes through singing about the sex he's about to have with his wife).