What is Ash Wednesday? (includes 2 minute video along with information from Catholic.org)


What is Lent?

(from CatholicCulture.Org

- Scroll Down to "Ash Wednesday" )


Lent: Fasting and Abstinence


  FAQ About Lent


What is Ordinary Time in the Catholic Church?


The Jen Fulwiler Show on Channel 129 Sirius XM - The Catholic Channel


Jennifer Fulwiler Conversion: From Atheist to Catholic


What is the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary? (Video)


What is the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary? (Video)


The Order of the Catholic Mass (a breakdown of the Order of Mass, the various parts, prayers, responses, and when to sit, stand, or kneel, with revised language)


 Jennifer Fulwiler

-(ConversionDiary website;

-The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on The Catholic Channel, Sirius XM Channel 129;

-Podcasts of the Jennifer Fulwiler Show

-From Atheist to Catholic)


  JoanandTherese.com - A website devoted to Traditional French Catholicism and the Renaissance of Catholic France.  A friend of mine is a guest blogger on that site...you can find Selene McPhail's writings here: Soldier for Christ 33 and 24 Rose Petals


All About the Dedication of St. John Lateran in Rome


"All Saints and All Souls" by Father William Saunders (All Saints Day and All Souls Day explained, including the origins of modern Halloween celebrations)...scroll down a little when you get to that page.


Vocation Match - If you've ever considered the religious life (becoming a priest, nun, brother, sister, or any other religious life) or are just curious if you'd fit in, answer about 30 questions and this site will show you which vocation, communities, etc. would best fit you.


What is Advent? A 2 minute video by The Busted Halo Show from Sirius XM's The Catholic Channel and Father Dave Dwyer


What is Advent? A 3 minute video by Mark Hart (Fired Up on Sirius XM The Catholic Channel) explaining not only what Advent means, but how Advent prepares us for Jesus' second coming


  The Catholic Guy Show (with Lino Rulli) on Sirius XM 129 Catholic Channel


  Fired Up With Mark Hart on Sirius XM The Catholic Channel http://www.rebuildmychurch.org/mark-hart/


The Busted Halo Show on Sirius XM (with Paulist Father Dave Dwyer)


  Pope Francis's Final Words to the Crowds at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Copacabana Beach 2013


  The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM (Busted Halo Show with Father Dave Dwyer Weekdays 7 pm ET
Rebroadcast 1 am & 2 pm ET ; The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli Weekdays 5 pm ET
Rebroadcast 4 am & 11 am ET; Mass from St. Patrick's Cathedral Weekdays 7 am ET & Sundays 10:15 am ET
Daily Mass Rebroadcast 10 pm ET ; Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd Weekdays 7:30 am ET
Rebroadcast 10 am & 10:30 pm ET)


  Online Catholic Encyclopedia's Index of Saints


What is Advent?


  Video Explaining The Solemnity of Christ the King (by the Apostles Filipino Catholic Community)


Origins of the Celebration of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (from the online Catholic encyclopedia) 


  Get Your FREE Brown Scapulars

(from: http://www.freebrown



  The Brown Scapular (History/Promise)

(from: http://www.freebrownscapular.com

/brown_scapular_history.html )


  The Brown Scapular 

(Brief Catechism)

(from: http://www.rc.net/


ocds1.htm )


  Why Pray the Daily Rosary

(from the Pieta Prayer Book,

pg. 41)


  How to Pray the Rosary (from: http://www.rosaryprayerguide

.com/Steps-to-Praying-the-Rosary )


  The 20 Mysteries of the Rosary

(from: http://www.rosaryprayerguide


Mysteries-of-the-Rosary )


  Rosary Prayers (from: http://www.rosaryprayerguide.com


.html#fatima )


What is Easter in Catholic Tradition? (from




Klingons for Christ


United States Conference

of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

(where I get the readings and responsorial psalms)


The Brick Testament

(World's largest, most comprehensive Illustrated Bible)

...I just call it the Lego Bible


St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church


(Christian meditation site)

World Community for

Christian Meditation


High Times Article

- "Was Jesus a Stoner?" 

(most likely not)


Catholic Church Locator

opens to a listing of

churches in Houston


     The late Dr. Gene Scott

and Pastor Melissa Scott


Houston Faith Church

(with Pastor Chas Stevenson)


Pastor Bob Coy

- The Active Word  

(I enjoy watching his broadcast too. 

He's funny and a great story teller).


Joel Osteen

(I don't agree with selling stuff

while preaching on tv or online,

but understand it costs money,

and I really enjoy watching

his sermons when I need to

hear positive stuff about

God and life)


New Wine Christian Fellowship

Pasadena, TX


Walk With Jesus

(A Step By Step Guide On

Accepting Christ Into Your Life)


House of Yahweh in Abilene, TX 

(they also have a program on public access:  The Prophetic Word)

(leader busted for bigamy)


God's Yellow Pages

(let your fingers do the

walking through the Bible)


Sherry Shriner

(on demons an angels,

spirits, and aliens.)


A ministry of deliverance

(instructions and prayers to recite)


Apostolic Church of the

Lord Jesus Christ

(with Apostle M. Augustine,

504 Little York,

Houston, TX 




 The Crossover

(bridging gaps between

Jews and Christians)


Unusual Churches


Free Bible Study


Revealing Science of God




LINKS to other sites: 


Organic Consumers Association (an activist site against genetically modified foods, aka "frankenfoods")


Famous people that have been homeless


Teach the children Christian

Christmas stories



Real Story of Christmas

(Simple to Remember.com)

- Anti-Christmas



(National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)



(Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)


 Drug War Myths


 Drug War Facts


 Hawaii Cannabis Ministry


All about the Tao


 Chembusters and Holy Hand Grenades #1


 Metatech (Disperse chemtrails and improve weather)


 US Legislation regarding weather modification


Meditation techniques


Houston ARE Center((Edgar Cayce Center in Houston)


Bhaktivedanta Vegetarian Society


Center Point in Houston

(a new age/alternative health

spirituality center...closed as of a couple of years ago from 2017)


Albert Einstein (collected quotes)


Memorable quotes from the Matrix